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Backward Integration Crucial for Profitability in the Growing Automotive Biofuels Market

Manufacturer-distributor partnerships will determine success as efficient logistics becomes a key competitive factor

The biofuels industry has seen strong growth over the last decade due to concerns regarding environmental safety and a global focus on ensuring reduction in greenhouse emissions. High crude oil prices and implementation of government policies (blend mandates) around the world have also driven the market.

Key questions this study will answer:

  • Is the market growing? how long will it continue to grow?
  • What steps are competitors taking to address challenges in this market?
  • Who are the market leaders? What is the current market structure?
  • What are the current blend mandates and legislation in place around the world?
  • What effect will the shale gas and oil revolution have on the biofuels industry?
  • What are the challenges that manufacturers face regarding commercialization of advanced second and third-generation biofuels?

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Global Automotive Biofuels Market
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